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Weight Loss Psychology Expert Mark Patrick Publishes “Wake Up Skinny” New Book Helping New Year’s Resolvers Shed the Pounds and Keep Them Off Permanently

Before breaking their New Year’s resolution to lose weight yet again, a new book aims to help yo-yo dieters stay on the straight and narrow pound-shedding path. “Wake Up Skinny,” a new book by weight loss psychology expert Mark Patrick, reveals the secrets to not only losing weight the healthy way but also keeping it off permanently.

Barnegat, NJ (PRWeb) December 14, 2010 – When the ball drops in Times Square this December 31, millions of Americans will be resolving to lose weight. In all likelihood, however, it won’t be the first time they’ve made this resolution. If weight loss psychology expert Mark Patrick has anything to do with it, 2011 will be the last year people will have to summon up the willpower to shed their excess pounds. Following the strategies outlined in his new book, “Wake Up Skinny,” by this time next year, many of these scale-conscious resolvers will have lost the weight for good.

According to AdWeek, weight loss topped the list of New Year’s Resolutions in December 2009, with 22 percent of the women surveyed and 16 percent of the men vowing to drop excess pounds in 2010. Statistically speaking, however, of those who have succeeded in their self-promise to lose weight this year, a full 95 percent will pack the pounds back on in 2011.

Even those individuals who are in a healthy weight range might find themselves cursing the scale come January. Although “weight gain from Thanksgiving through New Year’s is, on average, closer to three-quarters of one pound to one pound over the holiday period” than the typically cited five pounds, Vanderbilt University obesity experts warn that overeating often extends long past the holidays. As a result, “people gain weight slowly and keep it on.”


But while they’re guilty of partaking in the bad habits that bring about this slow gain, dieters tend to want a quick fix when it comes to reversing the damage. For over a decade, weight loss psychology expert Mark Patrick has been successfully helping individuals lose weight quickly, simply and effectively through his nationwide seminars. Now, just as New Year’s resolvers will be thinking about breaking their promise to shed the pounds, he’ll bring those strategies into people’s homes with the publication of his new book, “Wake Up Skinny.”

Subtitled “The Simple Solution for a Lean and Healthy Body,” “Wake Up Skinny” will hit the shelves in late January 2011. Within in its pages, weight strugglers will find the secrets to not only losing weight the healthy way but also keeping it off permanently. In particular, it will shatter the patterns of food craving, lack of self-control and guilt that cause an individual to become overweight in the first place. It will also reveal the key to revving up the body’s metabolism into a fat burning machine.

“Wake Up Skinny,” however, isn’t just another weight-loss expert touting yet another strategy for staying slim. It places focus on three true stories from Patrick’s weight loss–seminar clients who have lost 30, 70 and 100 pounds respectively using the tactics it exposes.

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